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Olympia SM4 - late '50s

As Dino used to say - "Dream a little dream of me...."

This classic white Olympia SM4 is from the late '50s and is destined to be the crown jewel in some wordsmiths collection of classic writing machines.

This one is aimed strictly for the uptown / penthouse types who crave a classy chassis for their one of a kind typer.

Olympia SM4

Look closely at the following pictures and you will see how I have spent many labored hours of love bringing this finely honed work of art back into its prime.

It has a new platen, feed rolls, ribbon, it has been fully cleaned, oiled and adjusted in preparation for being used to its full potential once again.

Olympia SM4

This one is ready for the writer who wants a machine for something more than the occasional check. This machine is ready to crank out reams of text detailing your world of dreams come to fruition on paper.

"Dream a little dream of me" and make this machine a reality in your world.

Olympia SM4

(And for those with no ambition to be the great American novelist, but simply appreciate great beauty in machinery, picture this: The SM-4 glistening in the candlelight of your dimly lit living room, its chrome and pearl beauty reflected in the chromed glass top table you have it sitting on. Sitting beside it with beads of condensation glistening on its sides is a carefully poured dry martini waiting to be enjoyed. You'll make out like a bandit with this machine in your collection even if you can't write your own name!)

Olympia SM4

Olympia SM4

Olympia SM4


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