Smith Corona - Silent - with Polish keys

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but still available with standard keyboard and now cursive keys too!  
(Wishing Well Waltz)

The pre-war, early post-war floating shift Silent Smith Corona portables were second only to the Royal Quiet DeLuxe. In fact they were just as fast and like the Royal of that era they were basket shifts. This was where it all started for the Smith Corona company, who in short order became the largest manufacturer of portable typewriters in the United States up to the end of American made typewriters.

I show this mint Silent with four Polish keys. (Please, no jokes...) Also in stock is the Sterling Corona in standard format. All with cases and book in mint condition.



I had a Smith Corona Silent (black) as pictured come in with cursive type style in "as new condition" with travel case.

As this was not offered for the most part sixty years ago with out a $5.00 per key upgrade charge (times fourty two), a person can understand why so few were sold.

This would make the perfect Christmas gift in a vintage personal writing machine for some lucky love of your life.

Priced at only $495.00 plus shipping.





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