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After a good bath and oiling (lube), all new rubber is needed which is normal on any typewriter over fifty years or even in some cases young if it had been used a good deal.

Now you ask your self why, glad you asked! You seeing the roller becomes so hard it can crack and will not hold the copy, or even damage the type heads, cut up the ribbon or punch holes in the paper.

The little rolls under the platen are called the feed rollers and after fifty years or so many times they develop a flat spot from pressing against the platen all those years with out been used.

This means you can not even feed paper into the machine.

L C Smithcorona

O.K. after replacing the rubber, including the four feet if needed. We then replace the ribbon with the correct metal spools.

L C Smithcorona

As all typewriters have there own "spools" and without them they will not function properly, so that machine can be checked out and adjusted as needed.

L C Smithcorona

Now this is tricky. As the machine first needs to be cleaned and oiled and lubed with new rubber and ribbon before you can find tune it. With a bit of luck, sixty plus years in the business and tens of thousands of sales I sometimes get it right on the first or second try!

L C Smithcorona

See the finished old timer standing tall ready to fly with the best of them. This is just a few words to think on when you see an Ebay door stop. I am not a typewriter expert!( I have heard this like a broken record) " any dummy can clean this up and replace the ribbon" Most of the text holds true on all machines. When it is even more difficult to bring back some typewriters like the Underwood portables along with most Remington's where feet, ribbon spools, Ect. or maybe not existing at all.

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