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I.B.M. Selectric II

A visual guide to what is needed to bring back an old I.B.M. correcting Selectric II - step by step.

First - I would not even consider working on a machine with a serial number below seven million. This is the only way you can tell the age of these classic typers and if you think this is not all important on a typer - you are fooling yourself; 35 years or so will make a big difference on a Selectric.

After I have located the right machine, (serial # 7,21x,xxx) and in the right color, and even with all it's packing - I start my intensive MrTypewriter survival course!

1. A good bath in MrT's patented 110 proof cleansing fluid is necessitated as 20 years does take it's toll.

Grease, oil and replace needed parts such as the transfer pully kit, clutch spring and belt if needed. Replace the card holder, platen, etc.

2. Now the machine can be checked out after replacing the ribbon, correction tape and element.

3. Before replacing the machine back into its case, I spend some time making the case look as good as the machine works. Now this is an art! Cleaning off all the decals and removing grime without damaging the finish is truly a work of love. If that is not enough - I then give the case TWO coats of clear Ultra Enamel for that lasting shine.

4. The finished product with instruction book.

5. Not to leave out the one hour job of packing the machine when sold, without proper packing, all of the above would be in vain. I now use double boxing when I ship my machines as I have found out that using just one 350 lb. box just won't do the job.

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