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Olympia SM3 - very early '50s - light tan with gold plating SOLD old friend

Do You have a Gold Finger?



This beautiful early '50s Olympia SM3 is something really special.

It is a light tan color with all the bright work gold plated from the factory.

I came across this typer during one of my many overseas sojourns. I was traveling through the wet streets of London late one foggy night on the way back to my hotel, when I was approached by a haggard looking old bum. Turned out this "bum" was my old friend Q in disguise. He told me he couldn't come out in public anymore without laying very low, "too many people want my inventions" he said. "I'd heard you were back in town!" he told me with a twinkle in his eye. "I have something for you at my lab, come on."

I followed him back to his flat in the city, entering through the side door after he cleared his fingerprints and voice patterns, natch. We visited for quite some time about the old days back in the '60s when we all hung out together with our friend "JB" and drank Chivas to his martini's. Q then offered me something very special.

This particular SM3.

Q of course knew of my life-long obsession with typers, especially unique ones. He told me that other than the Olivetti British 22's he liked for field use, he absolutely loved this Olympia SM3 for his office. He remarked that he had specially requested this color scheme and gold plating from the factory itself with a personal request to the owner of the factory, who owed him quite a few favors after that "incident" in Zurich.

I gazed longingly at this sleek beauty, not believing that Q would part with this work of machine art. Knowing Q like I do, the first thing I did was check the back for the "Inter-continental Trading Co." metal tag. This has to be on machines that were imported into America, and this machine has an American keyboard. The tag wasn't there, so this verified to me that Q really did have it specially made for him!

Q then proceeded to remind me of a certain Parisian girl we had both dated for awhile, and how I had bowed out when Q expressed his deep feelings for the mademoiselle. Turned out they were married for 30 years.

He was offering the SM3 to me as a token of his thanks.

I've kept this machine as a memory to old days and old friends long enough. I've completely cleaned and oiled her and readied her for a new home. This one is special folks, and can only go to a good home. This golden typer is for the heavy hitters and true collectors only.

Offered with a special 'fast lane' travel case for the typist on the go, and its in pristine condition. You can see several pictures of this magnificent machine below, along with MrTypewriter's favorite brand of type "cleaner" as well as some of Q sections suggestions for correcting "typing problems." Of course she comes with my personal guarantee of "Fine Old Typewriter."

- MrTypewriter
"License to type..."

Olympia SM3

Olympia SM3

Olympia SM3

Olympia SM3



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