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Corona Flattop and Smith-Corona Sterling


We are talking a pair of dynamite old bangers, one from the thirty's and the other post-war. These classic typers look as good as the day they were new and fresh from the store.

These basket shift old timers give more bang for the buck than any pre-war on the market. They are for any serious Word Smith who's thinking to do a bit of "seat of your pants" writing.

They both come with nice cases and copies of their books.


The flattop of 1937/38 vintage can be a bit hard to look at in the light because of its high gloss finish. (You may want to wear shades when typing on this classy typer!)



The grandson sitting next to the flattop is a very early, post war model with a matte finish. This Smith-Corona Sterling is a finely crafted portable and is ready to take on any writing assignment you give it.

Both of these old timers would make a great pair for the writer who wants to go back a few years with two old bangers that are good for more than show and tell.

Are you ready for simpler more dependable times? Then grab hold of this pair and get busy! You aren't going to find more dependable bangers than these.


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